Monday, January 19, 2015

Lily's Crafting...(and Reese's)

I am cheating. I am basically putting these pictures all here, in no particular order, so when I want to make another book of Lily's crafts, I can just use the craft posts. This is like a little file folder of craft pictures for me. 

I had to amend the title after I realized how many pictures I had of Reese* crafting, too!

*Please don't be fooled- Reese "crafting" is quite a terrifying experience. She only wants to use the permanent markers, glitter, glue, etc... like Lily. So, the pictures are deceptive in their hint of anything resembling a peaceful, calm, stress-free experience. BUT, she really does love crafting, just like her sister. I was hoping she would be the kid that played with toys (craft supplies are MESSY). Just like Lily, though, Reese rarely "plays" with toys of any kind at all. 

Side note- Do kids actually play with toys? Does everyone else have toys that never, ever move off the shelf? I would get rid of all of the toys they never play with...but then there would be NO toys left.  Well, I would keep the rocks, coins, tiny objects, and Lucy. They would never miss anything else. 
I am very intrigued/annoyed by my children's indifference to toys. 

End side note.

Commence crafting pictures:

Friday, January 16, 2015

January. So far.

January has been good to us so far. It has been freezing and gross almost every day. BUT, nobody in m house is sick right now! I feel like I am just waiting for the flu or a stomach virus to plague our house, like it's lurking, waiting for the right moment to strike. I know that sounds negative, but somehow being ready for the inevitable makes me feel like I am in control. I have also stocked up on Clorox wipes, Tide, and Tylenol. 

So, besides waiting in fear for a plague, we have done some really fun things this month! Here is a random assortment. 

The trampoline continues to sit in our living room, getting daily use. Good job, Aunt Manda. 

Pops' College Football Bowl bracket makes me so happy. I always lose, mainly because I spend about 2 minutes with Mom on the phone guessing as she writes them down. But, I love him for staying true to the old school method of paper, pencil, and a highlighter. I tried to explain about and how much easier that would be...he looked at me as if I was suggesting he start grocery shopping on Mars. So, I gave up, and fully agreed with him that his method is better. 

We have visited Daddy at work. 

Jumped on a trampoline without clothes. 

Felt like bedtime would never, ever, ever come. Why must there be so many hours in a day...yet, I get nothing accomplished?

Hung out with our crew.

Randomly went to a children's museum with Noah and Aunt Manda.

Aunt Manda= trooper. 

Lily made a book about her Shopkins. 

She has improved so much in tumbling! I am really impressed, actually. 

Reese is pretty much always carrying a pen of some sort around. She knows which pens are the real deal, so she prefers felt tip pens, and she refuses to use any that are washable. So I am constantly on alert, watching in terror any time she gets close to the walls or furniture...which is constantly, so "Keep Reese from writing on the wall" is basically my main hobby. She loves her pens, though, so I can't just take them away. 

We love ice cream around here. 

Reesie got her first hair cut!!! And, Noni got to tag along. 

Bath time with Max. 

Anderson celebrated his 5th birthday, and we got to go!!!!!  I am so lucky that we are only two hours away, because our kids get to grow up together. 
His cake was AMAZING. Brandon decorated it completely by himself...well, Anderson probably did some supervising. His party was at the Y, and it was really fun- swimming, balloon animals, sports theme, cake, super elaborate goody bags requiring months of hoarding "Pool Party chalk, etc.... Anderson is the MOST energetic kid I have ever met, ever. His abundance of energy has exhausted Melissa daily, but it is definitely paying off, because he is already a star athlete, a reasoning-logical-insightful genius, and a silly, fun 5 year old boy. He is really a perfect mix. 

Mom watched Reese, and Lily and I went to Target WITHOUT her. It was heaven and gave me a glimpse of what life will be like when there are no toddlers.

Silly bath time fun.

Picking up Lily one day- Reese is always an instant hit. 

I have gained 32 pounds and have outgrown pants and shirts that fit me until I delivered with both of the girls. Seriously, I am HUGE in real life and have hopefully 8 weeks left! Scary. I am going to just buy some tents to start wearing soon. 

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