Monday, September 15, 2014

Kindergarten Happenings, including a Black Eye.

We are LOVING Kindergarten. Love, love, love. 

Lily's school is an HOUR round trip from our house. We are in the car from 2- 4 hours a day, depending on extra curricular activities, errands, events, meetings, etc... 
But, there are pros and cons to everything, and the pros of her school greatly outweigh that one negative.

I have been thrilled with her teacher this year. Her name is Dr. Fish (yes, my daughter's Kindergarten teacher has a PHD), and she is fantastic. I am practically skipping around every day...okay, 90% of it is because I can feel my sanity slowly coming back. But, I am so thankful that, once again, Lily has such an amazing teacher. 

She sends texts every day, like this one of Lily at lunch with her note I put in her lunchbox. 

Oh, and then there was this text. 
I was actually meeting another mom in the school parking lot around noon to give her something. So, I was IN the parking lot when the text came. I was literally in the classroom within 2 minutes, and I debated trying to explain, "I just happened to be in the parking lot." I felt a bit like a crazy, stalker mom, but Lily will probably never forget how fast I arrived. 

She was shaken a bit but was not seriously hurt. Apparently she fell off of the bars and hit her eye on the ground. 

Daddy was on Call, so we swung by the hospital to let him check it out. Definite perk of being married to a doctor. 

Aunt Paula had just sent Lily a new gift in the mail (Aunt Paula's love language is gift giving- she always sends the most thoughtful gifts): a doll wearing a school uniform! Lily thought she sent it as a get-well gift (the injury happened 2 hours before, so Lily has some MAJOR faith in the mail system and in Aunt Paula). Her name is Marie and she played with her all afternoon.

The first night. We got home at noon and she said, "well, what kind of fun thing are we going to do now that I am home?"

Um, laundry. 

Thankfully, Marie kept her company. AND, we went swimming. She was not in any pain. 

The next morning it looked a bit worse...

I got lots of updates from her teacher, so I knew she was okay!

Her teacher asked me to read a book and bring a snack one day, and this was our selfie. Clearly a framer.  The eye got progressively worse over the first 5 days. Strangers were SHOCKED when they saw her, but she was completely unaware.

I love that we have the chance to be so involved in the classroom!

On Friday, she lost a tooth!! It is her 3rd one! 
She is looking a little rough with a tooth gap and a black eye. Hughes and I are just grateful this all happened at school, because that would be a lot to explain over the course of 4 days.

It was  REALLY big deal for her to have a black eye and lose a tooth in the same week. She was basically famous in her class. Haha. Kindergartners don't always know about making fun of someone, so they all just thought it was cool and were curious about it. She was a bit worried the first morning and even wore sunglasses to school. But, I think that lasted 2 minutes, because several moms texted me, "Lily showed me her eye! She is really proud of it!"

Donuts with the other Kindergarten class for O week!

Lily made this tiny book with pictures and "I love you"s for the tooth fairy. I found it under her pillow.

She informed me that the tooth fairy brings a craft and a book. I happened to have a hoarded selection of clearance crafts and consignment sale books, so that is fine with me. 

It is shocking in real life. I keep forgetting about it until I notice people staring at her.

I got to go on the first field trip of the year! It was to this little zoo in Virginia. Lily was THRILLED that I was coming and counted down the days. But, once we actually got there, she was so hungry, because they skipped snack that day. She was grumpy for most of the time, to be honest. I am so grateful I had the chance to go, but, once again, I have learned- do not have expectations as a parent. 

She made me this precious name tag. She even wrote my cell number on it, in case I got lost. Haha. 

Noni and Bop got to come in town for a last minute celebration at her school. Her school scheduled it on a Wednesday morning (with 2 days notice), and I was annoyed at the assumption that everyone must have family who lives in town. But, my parents re-arranged all of their plans to be able to come! 

Several of my friends saw Lily and texted me things like, "She is positively glowing!" and "Lily is on Cloud 9 with Noni and Bop there!"

Love this girl, her sweet friends, her awesome teacher, and this school. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Healing Hands Gala

There is a very special, deserving charity here called "Healing Hands." It is a medical clinic that provides free or discounted medical and dental care to the WORKING uninsured. WHAT?!?! You mean an organization that helps people who are helping themselves, instead of throwing money at entitled people who spend their welfare money on grillz? YES! I am so happy and honored that I was able to be a part of planning Healing Hand's largest fundraiser. It was a lot of work and planning, but my amazing friend, Sarah, was the chair of the committee, so it ended up being a lot of fun even while planning. We worked on the Gala for months, but it was worth it once it all came together!

The theme was Summertime in the South!

Friday night was a pre-party, and this really fun bluegrass band performed. It made me happy to be living in the heart of Appalachia. 

I was 9 weeks pregnant and was just looking chubby, so I kept trying to put my purse in front. 

Alyson's mom (from Nevada!), Alyson, Sarah, me. 

Menu cards. I helped with printing, so I got to design some of the printed items. 

On Friday and Saturday morning, we helped set up. It looked like this when we started Friday morning- 

And looked like this by Saturday evening. 

I am fortunate beyond belief to be able to be a stay at home mom to my kids. 
The hardest part of staying home for me, though, is the lack of purpose. I realize raising my girls to be happy, confident women is THE greatest purpose. But, sometimes, I want to look back at my day and have something to SHOW for it. "I kept the kids alive" is obviously wonderful, but some days I need something a little more tangible. Having the chance to be on this committee and get to SEE our hard work transform was one of the best feelings I have experienced in a long time.

We helped set up from about 8-3 each day, and I almost started crying at one one point. The feeling of DOING something was just too wonderful that I could honestly not contain it. The Gala was August 16, and I had just spent all summer with two small people ruling my life. At home, if I try to fold the clothes, someone knocks the pile off. If I try to send a quick email, I look up to find crayon on the wall or a glue stick in Reese's mouth. If I try to get dressed, I will inevitably hear Reese screaming because Lily never, ever, ever leaves her alone. 

So, for most of the time while I was helping set up, I found myself constantly tensing and anxious. I finally realized I kept waiting for someone to come by and tear down the curtain I just hung. Or knock over the chairs I had just stacked. Or, I just knew once I turned around, I would have to go fish a Barbie doll out of the toilet or clean up an entire bottle of spilled lotion. 

BUT, it never happened! I got to be productive and accomplish something! I was practically glowing with happiness all weekend. It is really impossible to describe what this meant to me- having a purpose that wasn't picking up the same toys off of the floor over and over. 

The theme was perfect. 

This was the silent auction item area. The best part about Healing Hands is that it has such a strong (deserved) reputation. Whenever I would go somewhere to request a silent auction item, I was never turned down, because Bristol believes in this organization. 

Silent Auction.

I designed the menu cards!

At 10:30pm one night when my kids were finally asleep.  :)

I found a seersucker dress on clearance for $16! Score. 

Sarah was the reason this Gala was so amazing.

Lorrie Morgan performed, which was surprisingly a big deal in my life. I didn't realize how many of her songs I knew until she started belting them out. She has a gorgeous voice. 

My friends, Meredith and Alyson, also have gorgeous voices and got to get on stage and sing with her! I love having fun friends!!

It was perfect weekend. I miss teaching, but I am so lucky that I have the time and resources to be able to contribute to such worthy causes. 

P.S. HUGE SHOUT OUT to Noni and Bop for watching the girls Friday and Saturday so I could actually have the chance to help, have a purpose, and have fun. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


My kids are so lucky to have 4 grandparents who adore, love, and delight in every single tiny thing they ever do. 

MeeMaw and Granddaddy came to visit a few weeks ago, and the girls were over the moon excited. Lily made Granddaddy a tackle box with dividers, and she got to pick him out some "bobbins" at Bass Pro.

Lily had been counting down the days until they arrived from Alabama!

MeeMaw basically took over raising Reese while she was here, which was amazing. 

Reese loves, loves, loves her family. She is obsessed. We can't even mention Meemaw, Granddaddy, Noni, or Bop's name without her frantically questioning and raising her palms up- "Mmaw? Gdaddy? Noni? Bop?

We took them bowling in the brand new Bass Pro Shops by us. What a cool experience! I know we will be back. 

Lily was mostly excited about letting Reese be on her team and get a chance to push the ball. Reese actually took it very seriously when her turn came around. She did not handle the waiting for her turn very well, though. 

I feel like these pictures accurately sum up Lily's personality, just in general. Lots of emotion. Not laid back. Ever.

Reese swiped Granddaddy's drink at Target. 

She knows they are helpless against her preciousness.

She also stole my Frappuccino.
I am also helpless against this sweet girl. 

MeeMaw and Granddadddy always bring lots of goodies. Reese loved this surprise- little play Elmo! It's hard to tell, but she is squatting to look. Her little squat when she is focused on something is my favorite. 

OF COURSE, lots of crafting supplies for Lily. It's in the genes. 

Reading with Granddaddy. 

We sure enjoyed their visit, and it is always so quiet and lonely when family leaves us. We will see them again in October!

My parents are amazing and spoiled the girls over Labor Day.
I can't tell who is more excited about this animal book- Reese or Bop?

We make fun of my mom for hoarding all of our old toys, but our kids LOVE them. Lincoln logs!

Sissa did some spoiling, too. Lily actually got to SPEND THE NIGHT with Sissa! She was ecstatic and still talks about it. She and Anderson played Bug Bingo, and Anderson kept getting excited and wanting to explain all of the bug qualities to her. He is very knowledgable on a million things about which Lily knows nothing. Her facial expression here- hilarious. Poor Anderson. 

They saw a rainbow. It IS there, but it's hard to see. 

And had donuts at Krispy Kreme. 
With Lucy, the stuffed pink cat. 

These two got some bonding time as well. 

Sometimes I get sad that our grandparents don't live closer, but 2 hours and 6 hours isn't too terrible. PLUS, when we do get to see them, it's for several days at a  time! 

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