Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lily Hughes's and Reese's Room

First, I am going to start with some pictures of Levi's room, because it is underwhelming. 

Truth- for a split second, my brain thought...Who is Levi?

Here is the post with Reese's room:

I changed exactly four things in his room. I just love the Dr. Seuss so much, and it is gender neutral. I couldn't think of a single reason to change it. 

Lily made him a door sign. 

His name is now above the crib (where Reese will probably sleep for the next 3 months).

I made a frame for him. 

I found this super fun L covered in denim at Michael's.

The girls' room took MUCH MORE work. 

When I look at the pictures, it is hard to tell how many hours and hours went into planning and deciding and sorting and organizing and returning (very unimpressed with bedding from Kohl's and Amazon) and measuring (will bunk beds fit? I lack any sort of spatial skill), debating with Lily and explaining to Lily and trying to compromise with Lily. 



Here is the new room!

Lily Hughes's and Reese's Room. 

The finished room! I am SOOO happy with how it turned out! The bunk beds are practical and PRECIOUS! They even have drawers built in the sides. Love, love! Lily is OVER THE MOON excited about them. 

Also, how fun is bunting?!?! So cheap. So easy. 

Lily and I looked at several different bedding options and returned them all. We finally found these on, and they are perfect! Really good quality, they are great for an older age girl (I refused to do any sort of themed bedding), and the reversible side is purple. 

Their name canvases took me forever to make, because I had to do them 5 minutes here, 3 minutes there...and usually between 10pm and midnight. 
Lily promptly added her own drawings to the wall. I know it is just a start. 

That is the same white furniture we had from Ikea.

I did paint a purple frame over there on the wall.

Frozen poster.

We made these jewelry holders a year ago, but I moved them from the closet. Reese thinks it's a toy, so they are usually all over the floor. 

I bought this perfect closet organizer at Target since they are sharing now.
Organizing their closets took the longest time, because I have been just cramming junk into them for months. I knew I would be hardcore organizing and throwing away once I redid their bedroom.
NOTHING brings me greater happiness than organizing and de-cluttering.

Hughes figured out that he can clip a cloth across the room for a perfect volleyball net for balloon volleyball. 

Lucy approves. 

*Reese is currently an amazing sleeper (7pm-6:30am) and I am not willing to mess with this lottery jackpot. So, she will not actually be sleeping in the room for a few months probably. Lily is so disappointed and cannot wait until Reese gets to officially become her roomie! It is currently her favorite topic of conversation. "Can Reese sleep in my room before she is 3? yes Can Reese sleep in my room before I turn 6? No. Can Reese sleep in my room tonight? NO.  "

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Reese is 2!

Reese is TWO!

Oh, this sweet baby swaddled and all brand new. #mohawk

This is still pretty much how Lily feels about Reese. OBSESSED. Her love is, perhaps, a bit suffocating to be honest. At least now, Reese can attempt an escape. It is very similar to an animal and its prey. Lily will look up and notice Reese (usually, it's been MAYBE 4 minutes since her last attack), her eyes will lock on her, she will squeal, "REEEESSIEE" with delight, and just pounce. Reese will actually run away, frantic, panting, and screaming a bit, trying to climb up my leg or onto the couch. Poor Reese has to constantly be on guard, because one never knows when the Big-Sister-Love-Attack is coming. Sometimes (rarely), we make it all day with only one or two episodes. Some days (I hate the weekends), we average about one every five minutes. A super fun twist on the experience is that Lily immediately gets her feelings hurt, because Reese starts crying or slapping her or protesting. I am usually desperately trying to pee or put up the dishes and am screaming at the top of my lungs, "PLEASE JUST LEAVE HER ALONE!"Lily adores Reese with an intensity I never imagined; it is simultaneously the most beautiful and the most exhausting part of my day. 

On to Reesie Cup at 2...

She goes to several of Lily's events every week. This means, we spend a lot of time in the bathrooms playing peek-a-boo, trying to distract with Elmo on my phone, and eating a lot of suckers.

Reese does love Lily so much. She just never has a chance to appreciate her, since Lily is so physically suffocating. She calls her "La," even though she CAN say "Lily" pretty well. When Lily is at school, Reese randomly says, "Bye La!" at points throughout the day. She does miss her, but she enjoys her Mama- Reese time, too. 

Current food obsession: Eggo Waffles. She wakes up requesting, "Waffle!" and will go to the freezer and try to open it by herself when she is hungry. 

Tiny things rule our world. She always has one or two tiny objects clutched in her fist.
Also, I think she is eating a cookie here- in her pajamas. So, I guess it was either breakfast or dessert? 

Crafting is definitely a favorite hobby. Stickers, markers, pens, and paint are her favorites. 

Lily helped her make cards for Hughes and me. Reese did the scribbles and stamps all by herself. 

She loves, loves to have her nails and toenails painted. She will sit and let me do it, and thankfully it dries within one minute. 

Then, we have to Face Time people and run and show Daddy. "Nails!!! So pretty."

Tiny things. Always. 

She is starting to gravitate toward necklaces and tiaras! It has been a while since Lily had to wear a tiara everywhere, so it is funny and precious to watch Reese just prance around the house in one. 

Some tidbits I want to remember:

  • Weight: 26 pounds! She is 40%!!! 
  • Height: 32 inches. She is only 13%, BUT she has never been above 3%, so this is VERY exciting!!!  
  • Clothing Size: Still tiny. (Thank God, because I have to carry her a lot). Mainly 18 months, but she is into some 24 month things and even a few 2T! Size 5 shoe.
  • TWO WORDS to describe her: Every year on their birthdays, I try to think of word to describe them, fitting the year. For Reese, this year, I am tempted to say: Destroyer, Volatile, Time-Bomb, Psycho, etc... But, I really feel like these are only indicative of her age not her personality. Her actual personality is really sweet and not psycho. So, the two words are: Enthusiastic. She is bubbly, outgoing, happy, and gets excited easily. (Reese DOES mean enthusiastic, so I chose well). She will put her hands in the air and yell gleefully, "quesadilla!" or "max and ruby!" And Funny. I was torn between Dramatic and Funny, but it wins. She doesn't always mean to be funny, of course, but she is constantly cracking us up. She is so silly and giggly. And, often, I actually can tell her humor IS purposeful. 
  • Favorite Foods: Chocolate (she can spot an M&M a mile away), marshmallows, cookies, blueberries, yogurt, watermelon, chili, frozen waffles, french fries, cereal bars, spaghetti. She is a pretty good eater. She drinks maybe 5 ounces total a day of liquid. My kids just do not drink. If she likes emoting, she will say, "chocit so good!" or "strawberries so good!"
  • Sleep: I love you, Reese. She goes to bed at 7 and sleeps until 6:30am almost every single night and rarely wakes up in the middle of the night. I really want to cry thinking about it. She naps about 1, for about 45 minutes to an hour and a half. This means she is sleeping 12-13 hours every day. I love her so much. She goes to bed so easily, too- it takes about 2 minutes total. (Lily was like this with sleep at the beginning of age 2, also, so I am trying to maintain expectations).
  • TV: Girl loves some TV.  Max and Ruby, Mickey Mouse, and Elmo are her top ones right now. We are in the car for 1-4 hours every single day, and I let them watch TV most-ish of that time. So, when we are home, Reese is either over it, or Mom-Guilt sinks its unfair claws into me and I feel bad for her to watch too much.   
  • Favorite activities: singing songs with Mama ("5 little monkeys", "twinkle twinkle little star," "ABC" are current favorites), sitting on Mama's lap, being carried around by Mama,  running to Daddy when he first gets home, stalking Daddy when he is home, wearing Daddy's shoes when he is at work, twirling her hair, pointing at the TV and yelling "Max and Ruby?", coloring with markers and pens, being chased around by Lily-only when Mama is holding her, being outside in any scenario, bath time, carrying around and sorting tiny objects. She also loves to count. She has no idea what it means, but she can count to 15 and I even hear her counting as she puts her little objects into different containers. (I am 100% sure she learned to count from TV). She does know a few colors and a few shapes (heart, star, circle). Again, thank you TV.
  • Books: Spot lift the flap, Karen Katz lift the flap, and Good Night Gorilla
  • Favorite toy: She doesn't really play with "toys" in the traditional sense. Once again, tiny things- beads, money, tiny pieces of fake foods, etc... She likes to move her beads and her tiny fruit pieces and her sequins from one container to another. She does like the Melissa and Doug puzzles, too. But, besides tiny things, those puzzles, and craft supplies, she barely (never) plays with anything else in our house. Yes, I am raising the same child. 
  • Talking: She is super chatty. She talks CONSTANTLY. Most of the time I understand her, but sometimes she has a very serious conversation with me, nodding her head and looking concerned, and I have no clue what she is saying.  Lily was never a repeater, but Reese definitely echoes back what we say. My favorite words she says: Snack, marker, pen, more marker?, more bath?, chockit (chocolate), baby sister, cookie, peees (please), Daddy's shoes, etc...
  • Personality: Reese's personality has been the same since she was a newborn: happy, grinny, silly, loving, snuggly...with some drama and diva-ness mixed in for good measure. I would never describe her as laid-back or anything in that category. BUT, she is just a joy, bubbling with personality and is pretty cooperative most of the time. My biggest struggle with her is how attached she is to me (I am raising the same daughter), and she just does not want me out of her sight. She does remind me of Lily in the way that I can see her little brain trying to process the rules. I think I will have another (mostly) rule follower on my hands. 
  • When I close my eyes and picture her right now: Looking at me with laughter in her eyes, making an O face with her mouth, gasping dramatically and saying, "Oh no!" Then, giggling. Repeat. 

Our Pieces is just so much fun to parent. Her age makes her a definite challenge (Toddlerhood, I sort of hate you), but there is nothing like her sweet little hugs, her precious voice singing "ABC," or her frantically running to show Daddy her nails. I am exhausted by the end of the day, and my whole body sighs in relief once she is in bed. But, she really is such a joy. It makes me so happy to think about watching her grow and watching her silly, sweet, dramatic personality develop. I think it has more to do with my OWN personality- adjusting to being a Mom was a very difficult transition for me. VERY hard- it honestly took Lily turning 4 and Reese being born for me to truly ENJOY parenting and to feel fulfilled as a mom. It has been fun to appreciate Reese being little and silly and fun. Of course toddlerhood brings challenges, but I am truly, completely happy being the mommy of this little girl.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Day(s)

The week and a half of Snow Days is like one huge blur in my mind, so it is fitting that these pictures are in no order. 

How cute are pictures of little kids in the snow? Pure JOY on their rosy cheeks, laughing, poofy snow suits, big grins, snow angels, sledding, the promise of hot chocolate afterward. 
You know my disclaimer is coming about these fun pictures I am about to post. Snow days are HARD. I think that in ten years I will see a snow flurry and start hyperventilating with some version of PTSD from Snow Days with little kids.

The snow IS fun, and they really are happy to be playing in the snow. For maybe 20 minutes. Then, what do you do with the other 14-16 hours in the day? Especially by the 7th school day with no school. During the week of snow days, the highest our temperature hit was 24, and the lowest was -16. Our driveway freezes, and I cannot get my van out. Only cars with 4 wheel drive can make it down our driveway, so Hughes is able to leave to go to work. BUT, when he is at work, or in a really fun twist, on Tuesday/Friday/Sunday Call during the Week of Snow Days...well, it complicates things. He broke his snow shovel and used huge bags of ice trying to clear a path for me, but our driveway is stubborn. Being 37 weeks pregnant did complicate things bit, as well. It was also comical, because it took me twenty minutes just to get myself dressed. I was breathing hard and sweating by the end. Bending down to put snow boots on tiny people while huge and pregnant is exhausting to experience but also quite entertaining.

With all of that being said, WE SURVIVED! And, I think the kids enjoyed the lazy time and extra TV and the excitement of no school. This is not one of those weeks I will ever look back on with fondness, though. 

Hughes took Lily sledding at night when the snow first started (Monday #1), because he knew he had to work 24 hours the next day and would miss out on a chance. He tows her behind the Argo! Her childhood is crazy.

MeeMaw and Granddaddy got snowed in with us for the first day out of school, so they got to experience Snow Day #1 with us! Although...the first day we were all still relatively polite and even excited about being stuck home. By Day 8? Not so much. 

Lily made a "Gallery of Snow Angels."

Lily has been begging for snow all Winter, so she was SOOO happy!!!!!

I always find snow boots, winter jackets, and snow suits at Fall consignment sales! It is perfect, because then if we don't get snow, I haven't spent a fortune. Lily's winter coat was only $3 and is purple, which is her current favorite color. Her snow boots are also purple and were only $2! (Gold Star to me). 

She was really disappointed, though, because the snow was not sticky enough (or whatever) to build a snowman. It was very depressing all week to see so much snow teasing us and to be unable to form it into anything. (Until Saturday! She finally got to make on on Saturday!)

She would stand by the window, looking out and pointing, "SNOW! Look, Mama! Snow! Reesie's jacket! Brrr...Cold Outside!"

For the snow day they were there, Granddaddy took Reese duty (Keeping her upright is its own job- she had lots of wipeouts), and I could play with Lily. It was nice to be able to just have one of them. And, of course, there are no pictures of when I was with them by myself, because I was just trying to not fall, keep them both alive, keep Reese's mittens on. 

Thankfully, Daddy was occasionally at home, and his doses of patience and being much more fun than Mama were basically the only things that saved our sanity. 

Giggles all around. 
I love their faces. Adoration.

We all have purple boots! 

I was out of creative ideas, so we mainly just moved around the house to different areas to eat and watch TV.

I made Reese walk around in her snowsuit for 20 minutes before we even went outside. A tiny person in a poofy suit is hilarious.

Reese, getting the tips on making snow angels. 


We did some coloring and crafting. And eating of crayons and climbing on the middle of the table. And making huge messes by spilling a 600 count box of sequins. #reese

I started to get anxious anytime I heard a text on my phone. 

Lily loves to cuddle with Reese, and Reese tolerates it for moments at a time.  Of the many blessings in my life, watching Lily be a big sister to Reese has to top them all. 

There are definitely moments where I...enjoyed...the break. Again, we are talking about moments in a sea of hours and hours and hours. BUT, Lily was so happy to have so much time with Reese that it was hard to not be excited for her. I think if it had been 2 or even 3 days off (instead of 10 consecutive days, including weekends), it would have been perfect. 

We made a Kiwi Crate. As usual, I was literally squealing with how adorable and clever the activity and magazine are.

Almost 9 am and still in the negatives. This was FRIDAY, so we were going crazy by this point. Hughes worked so hard on our driveway for me to be able to get out. But, honestly, I didn't want to drag both kids in this kind of cold and take a chance on falling or getting in a wreck anyway. 

We would not have survived this 10 day span without Steve Jobs.

Reese doesn't last long with the computer, obviously. But, Lily loves for Reese to be with her.

Sledding on the Argo!

 This is how we do it at our house.

On Saturday, an ice storm came, and we ventured out to Sam's anyway. Hughes was driving, thankfully, because I would have just stopped in the middle of the empty interstate and started crying. It was pretty bad. But, we survived and that afternoon the weather rose to 39! I could hear the snow melt. The drip drip drip honestly almost brought tears to my eyes!!

And, the snow was finally perfect for a Snowman (Snowgirl)!. This is the one picture I got of Hughes and Lily building a snowman, because I was too lazy to walk into the yard. I knew I was over the snow when I didn't even want to document a picture of the snowgirl.

I had already finished this and scheduled it to post...when we got EVEN MORE SNOW DAYS. Oh, the joy. 

I almost started crying on Tuesday morning (of WEEK 2- the SECOND Tuesday morning with no school).

It just wasn't even pretty to me anymore. 

Another Snow Day, another day trapped at my house. The girls and I did play in the snow for over an hour, since it was only 29 degrees that day. We did have a really fun time, actually. 

Per my ruler (is that even accurate? I don't know), it was 5 inches. 

 I have to give these girls credit- they have been AWESOME. I mean, I am about to lose it at any minute, and if I hear any variation of "Mom," " Mama," or "Mommy," I will probably snap. We have made crafts, done science experiments, played in the snow, used all forms of technology in the house, made books, read books, played with beads, set up tents, etc, etc, etc....

Schools will most likely be out on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, since they are predicting more snow for tonight and tomorrow night. Lily will have gone to school ONE day since February 13, but I am sick of documenting the snow days. Maybe if I go ahead and Publish this post, the Snow Days will have to end?

Fingers Crossed.



Thursday. 7 inches. 

It is beautiful. But...SIGH.
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