Sunday, July 20, 2014

Jamberry Nails!

I have a feeling everyone else has probably heard of Jamberry Nails, and, as in all things fashion related, I am behind the times. My friend, Betsy, is a consultant, and she told me about them. I got some, started freaking out, and now I have to do a review of Jamberry Nails pronto. 

I really love the idea of painted finger nails, but I am entirely too cheap and too frantic to pay for a manicure. (Serious question- what do you do while they are working on your nails for 45 minutes? Just sit there? Quietly? Unfrantic-like? Without reading a book or anything? #mypersonalnightmare). When I paint my nails at home, it always results in at least 5 of them being smudged, because I am physically unable of sitting for long enough to allow them to dry. The 5 nails that don't get smudged chip within about 45 seconds of applying. Then, I am annoyed every single time I see my nails, which is often, obviously. SO, I rarely actually have nail polish on my nails. This also pisses me off, because I really LIKE color and the idea of nail polish. #firstworldproblems

I know. It's a rough life. ;0

Betsy (we taught together in Hoover! I adore her. Love her. She has very 3 small kids and I don't know how she survives each day without running away) told me about Jamberry Nails, and I was mainly intrigued by the Jamberry Juniors- Jamberry for LITTLE KIDS! But, I needed to try it myself first. Do they really work? I was skeptical, to be honest. 

But, now I am obsessed!

This is Raspberry Sparkle. It was the perfect mix of fun but still "I am a mom." I keep stopping typing so I can admire the sparkliness under the light. Soooo sparkly.

I was intimidated by the whole concept of nail wraps, so I kept putting off actually putting on the adhesive nails. I set a timer when I started just because I was curious about how long it would take to apply. It was only 12 minutes total and at least 3 of those minutes were when Lily interrupted me to give me a purse she made me. The best part? I could just stop, mid-hand, and hug her, without worrying about smudging!

It comes with one sheet- I think each sheet is $15. But, you can get 2-3 uses from each one. 

It turns out it is ridiculously easy to put them on. I don't know if I am just talented (yes) or what, but it was so easy. Like, I think Lily could do it herself. 

I put one on a nail then cut the extra off...

then used that same piece on the same nail on the other hand. I could have even used the part that was still leftover on Lily's nails.  (I was either an Indian or someone who survived the Great Depression in a former life. #neverwaste).

So, I only used 5 of the nail adhesives, and I still have this many left over! I want to do my toes next time. 

 They look so adorable. For real. And they will last up to 2 weeks.

I am not getting a credit or anything if you order. I just love, love these. They are so much fun, and I want to share all of the precious designs! They last up to 2 weeks on nails and up to 4 weeks on toes. Plus, my friend, Betsy, is awesome. And, she will text you or email you or call you or FB you or whatever you need to make sure you are happy and love them. Her site:

She sent me tips like this:

(this makes the wraps seem much harder to apply than they actually are)

When I was ordering, I found a million that I wish I as fun enough to order:

Under the Sea! What?!!

This one really speaks to me. I love color. It is called "Punchy Puff," which makes me love it even more.

Mint chevron. 

The colors are so much fun. 

HORSES!!!!!! Not for me, obviously. But, how cute would this be as a gift for a girl who rides horses?


I hope Jamberry gets some with little turkeys on them for Thanksgiving. Christmas trees for Christmas! Oh my gosh- pumpkins for Halloween! I would buy those. 

Newspaper print. I know. 

Jamberry even has sorority nails! I would like to point out that Tri Delta is so important that it has 2 designs.

There is even a Collegiate collection!

Gross. But cute. 

I emailed asking when they are getting a UT set...

Gymnastics. The Jamberry Juniors would be the cutest stocking stuffers!

I am a basic color kind of girl. I love the designs, but I know I will end up with just the solid colors. 

They are also cute, though!

French Manicure!

Jamberry Juniors!!! I cannot wait to try these on Lily. 

Little girls all love, love colored zebra. 

The top one is sprinkles!

I feel like Jamberry is going to change my life. According to the package they even have a 30 day money back guarantee. That always helps sway me. Betsy's email address is on her page, so contact her if you have any questions. 

Also, someone please buy the really fun ones, like Lotus, Punchy Puff, and Under the Sea. And send me a picture. 

I just stopped typing to stare at the sparkliness, again...

Friday, July 18, 2014


Has everyone else heard of Probably. I have to share just in case. I love Snapfish and Shutterfly, mainly because I can hoard all of my pictures there. I like having my pictures saved in multiple locations. But, the quality, especially of Snapfish, is 

I ordered some pictures from, and it was awesome. I am not getting a credit or a referral or anything by sharing this site- I just really loved it and wanted to share!

They have more size options than any photo place I have ever used- these are 4 cute little wallets that are already cut! They were 79 cents. Adorable. 


Lots of 4x4 instagram prints. They have several different square sizes for instagram pictures. 

Basic 4x6, too.

It is more definitely more expensive than Shutterfly or Snapfish. But, I think it was worth it. Their photo products look like exceptional quality, too. AND, if you create an account, they email you a code for free shipping on your first order. So, if you want to order, create an account and wait until you get the code. It is Fed Ex next day shipping. I ordered these on a Friday and they arrived on a Monday! Super impressed. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Activity hoarding with my mom and sister

Melissa and I see each other quite often, but there is always a reason, so we don't usually just get to hang out. I decided to come for a night and just do fun stuff in Knoxville together. We met at the zoo last Sunday morning. I love a zoo so much, AND my mom has the family membership pass, so we all get in with it!

Anderson is so sweet with Pieces. He kept holding her hand, and she let him. He was being a bit of a SAHM martyr about it ("Oh, I gotta hold this baby's hand"), but they both loved every second of it. I love them being cousins. Lily was only not jealous because I was pushing her in the baby stroller at this point. 


I can't even deal with how much I love them together. I love Lily. I love Reese. But, my heart almost cannot handle the love I have for their sister combination. 

P.S. They do get on each other's nerves a lot, but these sweet moments make me realize why I became a mom. 

My mom. I was left alone with the babies and Lily for about a minute in the splash pad, and it is a MIRACLE that we all survived. My mom makes this look effortless. 

I just realized I have no animal pictures. I LOVE a 16 month old at the zoo. Reese was so excited and kept pointing at everything and saying her version of its name and sound. Her favorite were the elephants. She calls them "Lo." Parenting at a PLACE, preferably one with lots to do, is my favorite way to parent. I will ALWAYS prefer a full day of sweating, walking, playing, activity jumping at the zoo over being trapped at my house alone with my kids. I am not a good at-home mom, because I just get annoyed that the house is destroyed, that I can't fold the laundry that has been sitting in the basket for days, and then I have mom guilt for just yelling and not creating memories. The zoo day was one of my best days all summer so far!

Speaking of splash pads...

So, the splash pad is an experiment in gender stereotype. Anderson and Max both full on sprinted to the tallest fountains, sticking their faces on top of the fountain, and were fearless. Both of my girls gingerly approached the water for the first minute or so. Reese sort of stuck her fingers in, grinned, and said, "wat-ter." By the end, the girls were LOVING the water and running all over, but not with the exact same intensity as Anderson and Max.  

Pop's sister, Aunt Ann, was visiting from Orlando! 

Pops is the youngest of 12 (TWELVE) Salvaggio siblings, and they still call him "Baby Vincie." He didn't have a pair of shoes until he was 12 years old, because he was born in 1938, and they were literally dirt poor. I love his huge side of the family! Aunt Ann has always been so sweet to us- We used to go visit her in Orlando, and she had a heated pool and a huge dog! It was a little kid's dream!

Lily has a huge heart, so within a few minutes after meeting Aunt Ann, she wanted to make her a surprise. The girl is a gift-giver. She cut flowers from across my parent's house and tied them with string to make a bouquet. Then, she wrapped it up in pink paper and even made a little card. The adults had gone out to eat, and I had no desire to take my kids, so we stayed back. While we waited for Aunt Ann to return, Lily asked me anxiously, "do you think she already has a bouquet?" Aunt Ann was thrilled and reacted perfectly! She even pinned it to her shirt that day and the next!

You can see Aunt Ann's bouquet on her shirt. Love Aunt Ann! I wish we got to see her more often. 
She went and bought Lily a purple necklace and bracelet. Precious, precious. 

Sunday was spent at the zoo. First up on Monday- a huge gymnastics place where Melissa and I each only paid $5! Max in a foam pit. The second kid has the better childhood. 


Trampoline selfie.*

*autocorrect does not even try to correct "selfie"- even my Mac recognizes it as a word. Awesome? or Concerning?

We rounded out the one-night trip with a visit to Safety City. It's this little miniature town with streets and traffic lights and stop signs. The point is to teach kids how to obey traffic rules and to provide a safe place they can ride their bikes. Lily hasn't ridden her bike since March, and she did great! She put Minnie in her doll carrier and just took off.  Like all things in miniature, Safety City is ADORABLE. It has a little Applebees, library, fire station, etc... It was 99 degrees, so we were the only ones there! 

Sissa with both of the babies. Reese will seriously avoid eye contact with me in order to ensure that I don't take her from Sis. 

- Cute video of the girls sharing popcorn in the stroller:

- Not an exciting video of kids at the splash pad:

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