Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July, Misc...

Some things we have been doing in July...

Drinking from the hose. It's part of my anti-Pinterest summer bucket list.

Lily made Reese a book. 

It even had flaps for Reese to lift. She impresses me every single day with her craftiness, attention to detail, and ability to focus for long periods on a craft.

Lily has made hundreds of hair clips. 

Reesie wants to craft all day, too. But, poor girl cannot figure out that she can't eat the markers or run around with the scissors. But, she has a few seconds where she will sit and do pretend to draw. 

My friend, Anna, (former student- but it doesn't feel that way) graduated from UT and is going to Graduate School in Georgia in August. She makes me so happy to know her! She came over and brought this little gem for Lily. I promptly stole it and put it on display on my "favorite books" bookshelf. She is insanely talented. 

She sat right down and helped us make cow costumes! 

The next day we hit up Chick-fil-a for breakfast instead of lunch, because Reese + crowded Chick-fil-a playground = me inevitably having to climb up past 10 kids to get to Reese who is trapped in the tallest tunnel. She had 3 udders, but they popped. It didn't stop her from showing off to everyone who fawned all over here.  #everywherewego

Lily did 95% of the work, including the idea. No kidding. It was so much fun that she had such a big part in it! I love that Cow Appreciation Day has become a tradition for us. 

Our library is adorable and they have an hour long story time with themed books and a craft. It is Lily's happy place. 

Reese did sit here for about 2 minutes while I helped her take the animal sticker backs off. It was precious and gives me hope for future when they will both enjoy story time. I spent the other 58 minutes chasing Reese around while she attempted to demolish the place, including tearing a page out of a vintage Babysitter's Club book! NO! 

I am lucky that our library has a Lego table, a live parrot, a train table, sensory bins, etc... But, STILL, Reese just wanted to run around screaming. 

Kiwi Crate. This theme was "Wind Power." 

So many popsicles. If I give them both a popsicle, sometimes I can brush my teeth and/or pee without someone hanging onto my leg.

Lily got sick last weekend, which was not terrible, to be honest. She slept and moaned and begged for orange juice. The issue was that Reese wanted to be ON the couch bed up in Lily's face at all moments. Then she would fall in between the crack of the bed and the couch. And get stuck and scream. I was more physically tired at the end of those 2 days than I have been in a long time. 

Face Time with Noni and Bop.

I have been trying to get matching pictures of their adorable dresses from my mom, but this is the best I can do.

Speaking of adorable...Anderson got new glasses!  When Melissa sent me the picture, I honestly GASPED. How is it possible to be this cute?

One day I will drink hot coffee and actually taste my food. Today is not that day.

We went to McDonald's, and Lily took Reese to play. It only lasted 4 minutes until Reese started crying to get rescued. But, again- hope for the future. And, I found the cubby where Lily had put hers and Reesie's shoes together. Sweetness. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Jamberry Nails!

I have a feeling everyone else has probably heard of Jamberry Nails, and, as in all things fashion related, I am behind the times. My friend, Betsy, is a consultant, and she told me about them. I got some, started freaking out, and now I have to do a review of Jamberry Nails pronto. 

I really love the idea of painted finger nails, but I am entirely too cheap and too frantic to pay for a manicure. (Serious question- what do you do while they are working on your nails for 45 minutes? Just sit there? Quietly? Unfrantic-like? Without reading a book or anything? #mypersonalnightmare). When I paint my nails at home, it always results in at least 5 of them being smudged, because I am physically unable of sitting for long enough to allow them to dry. The 5 nails that don't get smudged chip within about 45 seconds of applying. Then, I am annoyed every single time I see my nails, which is often, obviously. SO, I rarely actually have nail polish on my nails. This also pisses me off, because I really LIKE color and the idea of nail polish. #firstworldproblems

I know. It's a rough life. ;0

Betsy (we taught together in Hoover! I adore her. Love her. She has very 3 small kids and I don't know how she survives each day without running away) told me about Jamberry Nails, and I was mainly intrigued by the Jamberry Juniors- Jamberry for LITTLE KIDS! But, I needed to try it myself first. Do they really work? I was skeptical, to be honest. 

But, now I am obsessed!

This is Raspberry Sparkle. It was the perfect mix of fun but still "I am a mom." I keep stopping typing so I can admire the sparkliness under the light. Soooo sparkly.

I was intimidated by the whole concept of nail wraps, so I kept putting off actually putting on the adhesive nails. I set a timer when I started just because I was curious about how long it would take to apply. It was only 12 minutes total and at least 3 of those minutes were when Lily interrupted me to give me a purse she made me. The best part? I could just stop, mid-hand, and hug her, without worrying about smudging!

It comes with one sheet- I think each sheet is $15. But, you can get 2-3 uses from each one. 

It turns out it is ridiculously easy to put them on. I don't know if I am just talented (yes) or what, but it was so easy. Like, I think Lily could do it herself. 

I put one on a nail then cut the extra off...

then used that same piece on the same nail on the other hand. I could have even used the part that was still leftover on Lily's nails.  (I was either an Indian or someone who survived the Great Depression in a former life. #neverwaste).

So, I only used 5 of the nail adhesives, and I still have this many left over! I want to do my toes next time. 

 They look so adorable. For real. And they will last up to 2 weeks.

I am not getting a credit or anything if you order. I just love, love these. They are so much fun, and I want to share all of the precious designs! They last up to 2 weeks on nails and up to 4 weeks on toes. Plus, my friend, Betsy, is awesome. And, she will text you or email you or call you or FB you or whatever you need to make sure you are happy and love them. Her site:

She sent me tips like this:

(this makes the wraps seem much harder to apply than they actually are)

When I was ordering, I found a million that I wish I as fun enough to order:

Under the Sea! What?!!

This one really speaks to me. I love color. It is called "Punchy Puff," which makes me love it even more.

Mint chevron. 

The colors are so much fun. 

HORSES!!!!!! Not for me, obviously. But, how cute would this be as a gift for a girl who rides horses?


I hope Jamberry gets some with little turkeys on them for Thanksgiving. Christmas trees for Christmas! Oh my gosh- pumpkins for Halloween! I would buy those. 

Newspaper print. I know. 

Jamberry even has sorority nails! I would like to point out that Tri Delta is so important that it has 2 designs.

There is even a Collegiate collection!

Gross. But cute. 

I emailed asking when they are getting a UT set...

Gymnastics. The Jamberry Juniors would be the cutest stocking stuffers!

I am a basic color kind of girl. I love the designs, but I know I will end up with just the solid colors. 

They are also cute, though!

French Manicure!

Jamberry Juniors!!! I cannot wait to try these on Lily. 

Little girls all love, love colored zebra. 

The top one is sprinkles!

I feel like Jamberry is going to change my life. According to the package they even have a 30 day money back guarantee. That always helps sway me. Betsy's email address is on her page, so contact her if you have any questions. 

Also, someone please buy the really fun ones, like Lotus, Punchy Puff, and Under the Sea. And send me a picture. 

I just stopped typing to stare at the sparkliness, again...

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