Thursday, July 4, 2013


We have lived here for almost a year, but I still find myself getting a little giddy when I realize WE HAVE FRIENDS. Real friends. At random times, I am overcome with this feeling of...belonging? Yes... belonging. I feel like we are home. It is a really good feeling. We aren't moving this year or in 3 years or hopefully ever. We. are. home.

Lily's precious friend from school, Lauren.

Carter, Bennett, Gibson...whom Lily affectionately/possessively refers to as "my three little boys."
My friend, Alyson, lives in the neighborhood across from ours. I just feel like we were meant to find each other. She moved (medical journey) here last summer, and together we are learning to belong here.

Georgia Kate! We went to swim and have ice cream on the last day of preschool.
I love Lily's school. I cannot emphasize that enough. The moms of the kids in her class have been amazing. I never expected to feel like such a part of this place so soon. 

Two of Lily's "three little boys."Alyson is equally as desperate to get out of the house.

More ice cream fun with friends.

Lily adores Colt. Actually, we all adore him and his parents. His mommy grew up here, and Sara has taken me under her wing and helped to make her hometown our hometown, too.

Sara. :)

It is really ridiculous how much I love all of these people!
These are kids from 2 of Hughes' partners. His work group is really like a family. I can't believe I have only known these guys for a year!

Baby Emily (7 months) and Reese!

And their big sisters!

More fun with Eloise. When you find a friend who also adores Princesses, you gotta stick with her.

Another awesome friend named Sara. On a boat. Because, apparently, there is a lake in my backyard.

Lily has inherited her Daddy's love of entertaining. She ALWAYS wants to have friends over.

Yay for SUMMER and Friends!!!


  1. Yay for friends.. I am so happy for you to.. They seem like an awesome group of friends to.

  2. I need to meet her little boys.

    She does sort of look like us in some of these pics.

  3. You guys are awesome! No matter where you have landed, you've managed to find your niche and fit right in! Isn't it awesome (and a little bit weird) to finally find a place to "stay"?! I really am afraid I may get antsy to move in the next year or two...yikes! Looks like y'all are having so much fun!! (PS - we are coming to JC the first week in Oct and would LOVE to see you guys!!!

  4. So incredibly happy for you all! Not that there was ever a doubt in any one else' mind that you would find tons of friends because you all are so awesome and fun, but I know that there is a difference between just having friends and belonging. That really is the best feeling! All of Lily and Reese' friends are adorable!!! Looks like the first of many epic summers. :-)


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