Saturday, December 14, 2013

Deja Vu

My brain is constantly confused when I look at Reese. For a split second, MULTIPLE times a day, every day for the past 9 months, I have to force my brain to remember that this is REESE. Not Lily. Reese. 

These are all pictures of baby Lily at about the same age. Do they look insanely alike? Or is it just me? Lily was about 3-4 pounds (no exaggeration) at this point and had a MUCH feistier personality, but most of the time I have just a constant feeling of deja vu.

I just looked back at blog posts and took the first few I found. 

I KNOW this is Lily, because it was in Bham. But...maybe it's Reese? It looks more like Reese.

*Lily had a bigger head.

Drama from the freaking beginning.

I've got to get a pic of Reese in the hot dog outfit. 

Residency Friends...there are so many more babies now!

I wish this wasn't sideways.

I did a screenshot of a few videos...

Lotion. BFF.

1. First Christmas. The video is at the bottom of the post. If I had never seen the video, I would have bet it was Reese. 

2. Flipping a book on her face video


  1. ok, yes, fine. they look a lot alike. you can tell they are sisters. but dang it I am telling you they def have their own specific characteristics, and I can always pic a Reese pic vs a Lily pic. it's something about the eyes. or the expressions. or both. I don't know. but they are both adorable in their own way for sure.

  2. They are both precious.

    Definite similarities.

    "drama from the beginning"

  3. They do look alike in pictures. Both adorable. They look like you ... Just ask the lady at chick fil a . Oh wait, then she saw Hughes. :)


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