Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter Beach Trip!

We went to Folly Beach, SC over Easter weekend with friends! We are totally not those people who go places over Spring Break or holidays, but the timing and several other factors worked out, so we went for it! It was so much fun!

Within minutes of arriving, I gave Reese her first Oreo! #vacation
She is hilarious.

Meredith. Life Coach, Friend Extraordinaire, Anesthesiologist, Mommy, Gift Giver, Party Planner, Face Painter. 

Target $1 section.

The Easter Bunny always leaves a scavenger hunt to find the Easter baskets!
 I wish that creating rhyming scavenger hunts somehow translated into cooking edible meals. 

Meredith gets all of the credit for using Easter buckets instead of baskets!! Great idea! The girls all got matching Ariel swimsuits that I got from Sam's (Sam's has cute clothes!) But, I didn't get a picture! #documentingfail

We had Easter hunts inside and outside.

I love this one of Eloise running to find eggs. #onamission #loveherstyle

Finding eggs!!

We drove to the beach that day, and it was...a bit chilly but still fun and gorgeous.

I love looking at life from Reese's perspective. 

Hughes kissing Reese. He would be mortified if he knew I put this on here- or if he knew I took it in the first place. But, it is so perfect. The  man needed girls. 

I  grabbed Lily's sweater from her suitcase, because I did a terrible job of packing. Reese, true to form, loved the beach and was so happy to be included. I am still shocked almost every day by how much I am ENJOYING her. I know I say it all of the time, but having Lily and Reese in my life has truly been the happiest time of my life.*

*I am still looking forward to the time when they can bathe themselves, we can go out to eat, nobody is screaming in the car, and/or they are sleeping past 6am occasionally. 

Family photo. 

Walking on the Pier.

My girls.

Reese needed a nap, so I walked her up and down the beach. It was the best part of the entire trip, listening to the waves and holding the sweet girl asleep in my arms. She would randomly wake up, look at me and grin, wave and say "hi" to the seagulls, and then fall immediately back to sleep. 

It was really beautiful.*

*I would like to acknowledge that we did have 4 small, needy children with us as well. I am not complaining- it was a wonderful trip. But, this picture is misleading, as I am sure I was wiping Reese's nose with my arm at the exact same moment I took this picture. Vacation with kids is a whole different type of vacation.

Seriously. I cannot even deal with this sweetness. They were going to get water, holding hands, and they just happened to stop. 

Meredith and I wanted some proof that we were on vacation as well, and our husbands were not going to participate in the documenting. #selfie

There was a park within walking distance!

I am obsessed with this girl and her 12 ounce smoothie that is half her size.

Emily is hilarious and eats CONSTANTLY. She is always on a mission for food. Reese eats like the 18 pound 14 month old that she is, so she was willing to give some/most away to Emily. 

Meredith (Lily thinks her name is Merida, like the Princess) has her own face painting I am typing this, I am thinking "of course she does. She loves a party...and she painted their faces every day! 

It inspired Lily to use a watercolor set on Eloise. 

Reese carried this macaroni and cheese box around for a good chunk of the weekend. She LOVES animals, and would freak out when she saw the cow- "mooooooooooo!!!!!!! MOOOOO!!!!" 

I love that we have friends who are basically like family!

Videos (more for my own sake of documenting than for anyone to actually watch):


  1. 1. love that lily is wearing her robe
    2. love the scavenger hunt
    3. amazed that lily is painting her arm but not getting any on the WHITE furniture
    4. love reese and her fatness

  2. Two things from this post that I cannot get enough of:
    1. The videos of Reese walking around like a person.
    2. The sweet pictures of Hughes with his girls.
    What a great trip idea for Easter!

  3. So much fun! I love that they do a scavenger hunt to find their Easter baskets - I may steal that idea in the future!

  4. I am so jealous that you got to vacation with Meredith. I mean, just a text from her makes me laugh until I cry. Entire DAYS with her? #puregold

  5. What is it with husbands not wanting to participate in the documenting?!!? when I hand Brooks the camera and say, "Hey, take a picture" he gives me the look like, "really? this is cheezy" or whatever. Everytime I see husbands in selfies or follow their wives around taking pictures I think, "What is that like?" haha. Your family picture is perfect!!! lily's painted face in it is the best.
    Every time you blog of Reese I think it's so sad I don't know her. She sounds sooooo sweet and lovable (the saying hi to the seagulls is what made me think of that)!!!

  6. The face painting. Really.

    Reese is the greatest. And, so is LIly.

    Those buckets were cute.


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