Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Eggs

I splurged and bought the $5 Easter Egg dye kit for Lily. It came with 9 colors, stickers, glitter, sequins, glue, paint, markers, labels, etc... Um, definitely worth $5.

Daddy is always in charge of Easter Egg dying. It's a nice set up.

MeeMaw and Granddady send the best care packages!! Crafts, bunny ears, more crafts, matching shirts, bibs for Reese, more crafts, hair bows, and lots of love. 

Cute bib!

She sewed and embroidered these precious little chocolate bunnies! And they were filled with chocolate!!

Reese thinks the bunny ears are a purse. Here she is walking with the bunny ears, waving bye-bye: (I LOVE this age when they start mimicking everything we do! Tiny adults)!

Easter flashbacks:

Best picture, EVER with the Easter Bunny. I have got to get this framed. 

Last year.

2 years ago.

Easter Lily's second Easter!

I am sad, because this lamb dress (made by MeeMaw) is SOOO cute, but it is huge on Reese. Lily was 4 pounds bigger at this point. My precious Easter Lily!


  1. The Easter bunny... There are no words.

  2. That photo is terrifying. But, the rest of them are great! I love when you do a retrospective - crazy how much she has grown and how long you have been a mom. We have kids -what?!

  3. Please do not ever let her see the pics of Anderson dying eggs.

    Please do not ever delete the pic of her with the bunny.

    She is awesome.


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