Monday, April 21, 2014

Reese, in general

Just a few things about the Pieces as she turns 14 months.

SHE IS WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How has this not been a blog post of its own? Lily was almost 18 months when she started walking, and it was terrible. I spent hours days weeks googling and trying to figure out why she was so late in walking but had crawled at barely 6 months. Eventually I had a diagnosis- "stubborn, independent, diva." Haha. With Reese walking at 13 months, we feel like we have a baby prodigy on our hands! It feels so early! Haha.  

Dancing.  They let the moms come in for the last 5 minutes of Lily's dance class, and they free dance. It is Reese's favorite part of the week!

Video Three (dancing to Frozen):

I will never get tired of watching this girl shake her booty. Get it, Reese. These will probably be my favorite videos, ever. 

She can fit into some of Lily's old clothes, and when I see her wearing certain things, like these jammies and carrying this Mardi Gras necklace that was basically Lily's heart explodes/stops/melts/is confused. I know they obviously look different, but they look similar enough that my brain has constant deja vu, especially when Reese is wearing Lily's clothes or playing with her necklaces and lotion bottles. 

My brain does not ever think this is Lily. Lily was not a baby doll lover at all. Reese says "baby" about 205, 326 times a day. 

She always has one arm wrapped around a baby when I check on her at night. 

My mom got me the greatest tote bag IN THE WORLD, EVER.

I love this one of the girls in the yard with bubbles. Reese grinning, Lily dancing. 
Reese's Shakespeare onesie!! #englishteachermom (Can I still say that, even though I am not one anymore? Sad).

Asleep with a kitty cat (she says "mow") and a book open to a page with a kitty cat. Sigh. You better start liking dogs more, little Asian* baby, because we are not getting a cat. 

*My kids look extra Asian when they are asleep.

I love this girl so much. 


  1. The video of her dancing to "I like to move it" is now my go-to video when I need a good giggle. She is so adorable I can't get enough of it. We need to put Reese and Lucy together for a baby chorus line. These girls could definitely shake it :)

  2. I will also never tire of her dancing. Her expressions are the best part.

    That onesie. Get em, Reese. She will conquer the world, that one.

    The babies.


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