Tuesday, May 6, 2014


When we take an impromptu trip to Dollywood, I am even more aware of being able to check "give my kids an awesome childhood" off of the to-do list. My mom is a genius and decided to join a few years ago. A season pass is less than the price of going twice, our kids (minus Lily this year!) get in free, and she gets random guest passes. We bring our own snacks and refill the souvenir cup for 99 cents. 


I think this is her 3rd trip to Dollywood, but this was definitely her favorite trip! She thinks she is 5. 

Lily and Reese on the pigs (thanks, Shannon for pointing that out! Haha! Not ducks). Lily was so happy to ride with her! 

Reese is OBSESSED with Sissa. What is a word that means "the extreme end of obsessed"? Is that a word? She knows I am "Mama," so it isn't a confusion thing. She just wants Melissa to constantly hold her. Max is indifferent to me unless I am deathly ill. But he is the cutest blonde-haired (!) boy, and the best part of the spontaneous trip was getting to see him WALKING* all over the place! Melissa looks annoyed here, but she loved her Pieces wanting her and was really such a trooper with having to raise my kid in addition to hers.**

*Running. He is basically running and climbing and is 100% boy.

**my mom also takes over raising my kids whenever she is around. I didn't get any pictures of Noni! Probably because she was busy actually being useful and not able to pose for pictures. 

Hughes came, which was the first time he has been with us! It was amazing having a 4th parent (me, Hughes, Sissa, Noni). He has so much more patience than I do. 

I am pretty proud of myself for capturing this moment. Our older kids are CRAZY and never sleep (it is 9:43, and Lily is still awake in her room, and I guarantee she will be up by 6am), but they are the best, best Big Siblings. Anderson loves Max like Lily loves Reese. Completely, fully, intensely. They do everything with intensity. 

Selfie with Lily on the teacups!

Don't be jealous of this quality selfie of Reese and me on the carousel.

I want to take the most awkward pictures I can find (Lily with the Easter Bunny) and frame them around my house and pretend like I am framing them because they are good. It would be hilarious and a bit refreshing from all of the posed ones. I am going to do that. I am cracking up ay myself just thinking about it. 


Sissa rode with the nieces! 


This is where I should have a really awesome picture of my wonderful Mom who puts up with me complaining to her ALL of the time. Haha. Thanks for being my therapist, Mom! I am so glad you have given us the gift of Dollywood!


  1. That is an AWESOME gift. My MIL gave passes to a Dollywood-like place to her other grandkids and wanted to do something like that for us, but there is nothing close or worth driving to multiple times for me. hahaha. But seriously, best gift.
    And I love that Reese loves your sister so much.....
    and what is up with the BLONDE hair on Max?!?!

  2. That is a gorgeous picture of your mom! :) You guys really are giving those kids such wonderful memories. I love seeing how happy you all are together! Love!!

    *I still have never been to Dollywood despite living here for 15 years - how has this happened??

  3. Lily driving is my favorite.

    Actually, Reese loving me is my favorite.

    And, the pic of mom.

    And, Hughes helping them mine.

    And, the trip in general.

    We are dangerous hoarders of all things, including memories. It is not healthy.

  4. We had so much fun... We will have to do it again soon.... I love the pic of me.. Keep posting it, best I have looked in a while. :) I love you all.

  5. you have to do that framing the awkward pics thing. it really would be hilarious. especially when someone comes over.


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